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Clean up with Studio Management Software

Studio management software might best be described as every photographer's little helper--a solution that manages sales, marketing, client outreach, lead tracking, digital images and sales presentations, all in one neat package. (If they could only figure out a way to work in laundry and kitchen duty, we'd have to give this stuff a perfect 10.)

"With studio management software, photographers can know every detail about what product lines they're shooting and the average sales per session by product line. They can track where clients are coming from, integrate web leads and know exactly how each prospect is handled," says Bridget Jackson, PPA's Studio Management Services (SMS) manager. "In addition to the product management and marketing tools, there's also the benefit of managing workflow."

She also points out that studio management software helps photographers build comprehensive profiles of clients, which can help with up-selling, repeat business and those all-important referrals. "One of the most important aspects of successful selling is being able to consistently replicate what works, and the only way you'll be able to accomplish that is by keeping detailed records of what works and what doesn't," adds Jackson.

PPA member and studio owner Dave Huntsman, M.Photog.Cr., of Versailles, KY couldn't agree more. "Being able to track my numbers easily is so valuable. I can do comparisons to previous years, map trends and keep track of referrals...and it's so simple to use."

Spit-Shine Your Business Processes
If you want to learn more about a variety of studio management software solutions, there's no better time than the next two weeks. That's when PPA will feature guests representing PhotoOne, ShootQ, StudioPlus, StudioCloud and SuccessWare. In just an hour each day (at 2 p.m. ET, July 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th and 30th), you can learn the basics of studio management software, including a detailed review of customer relationship management, online booking, total digital workflow and point-of-sale management tools, one of Huntsman's favorite features.

"Studio management software makes your whole process more professional when you're working with a client," he says. "During my presentations, I can quickly and easily include thumbnails of the images clients like and print them right on the order with the invoice, so there's no confusion about what's been ordered. I can use one product and button up all my marketing and selling into one nice package."

PPA members pay just $19 per webinar, or you can get all five for $39. Of course, if you have an online learning pass, you can get access to these valuable webinars, along with all other live and archived webinars for an entire year.'ll have to look elsewhere to get your socks washed, but if you're serious about cleaning up your sales, marketing and digital workflow processes to improve profitability, then don't miss this webinar series.

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