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At Home with Babies

cottril_laura_blog.jpgWhere do you photograph babies? Your answers may vary, but after listening to Laura Cottril, CPP, you may soon be gravitating to your clients' homes! In her upcoming PPA online class "At Home with Babies" (August 16, 2:00pm ET), Laura will explain how photographing newborns and babies in the client's home can lead to so much more than a good session--it can be one step closer to a lifetime relationship!

Build Bonds with At-Home Baby Photography
When it comes to building relationships with clients who are parents, ask yourself: What are you doing to make their lives easier? Photographing at their homes may be the answer. Laura gives the example of one of her moms who had a newborn, a three-year-old, and some medical complications. "By coming into her home, I made the portraits possible, her life easier and her daughter more comfortable," explains Laura.

Plus, going to the home allows Laura to create what she calls a "time capsule of their life" in addition to portraits of the baby and family. "That's my favorite way to explain the process to clients," she adds. "My own family's home has changed so much, especially the kids' rooms. Gone are the cribs and all the baby cuteness--so capture it while you can!"

Keep the Bond Beyond the First Shoot
"I also believe that 'hanging out' with my clients in their homes and sharing the intimate act of portraiture creates a bond," says Laura. That bond--strengthened by great service and great images--is what leads to lifetime clients.

How do you keep the bond alive after that first at-home shoot? Avoid dead-ends!

"I try to create reasons for my clients to come back to me," Laura adds. At maternity sessions, she offers a newborn session for just a little more in the session fee (making it easier for when the baby comes). "By always referring to the next portrait or step, you educate and guide your clients to return to you. If it's their first baby, you're likely the only baby photographer they've experienced. Build on that trust, and it will be natural for them to return."

Learn from Laura's Lifetime Bonds
Laura's tips and upcoming online class are built on her experiences. Just look at one of her favorite clients, a family she met while photographing their first child at home. That session took an hour longer than usual, but the clients were so grateful for her patience, understanding and compassion--and were blown away at the resulting images. In fact, she has been photographing them twice a year for three years now, and they have a five-year plan ahead!

"Truthfully, they are the best kind of client," Laura says. "They understand what I'm doing for them and value it!"

Do you want to create lifetime clients like this, too? If so, tune into Laura's online class to learn more about relationship-building and how it fits in with photographing babies at clients' homes!

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