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Webinar: QuickBooks: The next step - PPA Today

Webinar: QuickBooks: The next step


QuickBooks: The next step
I bought QuickBooks, but it’s still in the box!

Join Bridget Jackson, CPA
Manager, Studio Management Services
Monday, February 11, 2008
12:00pm – 2:00pm EST

Ready to take the next step in learning QuickBooks? From opening the box to inputting invoices and expenses, reconciling bank and credit card accounts, paying sales tax and producing financial statements based on Managerial Accounting…you will get it all!

Register online now or call 800-786-6277.

  $69*   PPA Members
$269     Nonmembers

*SEP, CPI, SPS, and EPIC members can register at the $69 rate, but must register via phone by calling 800-786-6277.

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