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The PPA Tour 2010: What You're NOT Going to Hear


Starting March 24th in Atlanta, Ga., we're bringing the power of PPA to the people with the PPA Tour 2010, a night of education and networking. Of course, you've seen programs like this before, so along with telling you what you WILL learn, we also thought you might like to know what's different about this tour.

Allison and Jeff Rodgers"I'll tell you what you WON'T learn at the PPA Tour 2010--'Three Easy Steps to Being a Photographer,'" says Allison Rodgers, namesake of Allison Rodgers Photography and one of the featured speakers of the PPA Tour. "There is no magic button or easy formula for instant success, and the creative path is very different for each of us."

As Rodgers explains, "Success is a process and it's that knowledge we'll share during the PPA Tour. Some of it is based on our wins, some of it is based on our failures and the re-dos, but all of it focuses on a few key areas--finding your unique style and learning how to make it profitable."

With thoughts, advice and invaluable lessons from the school of hard knocks, the PPA Tour will let you spend the evening in an intimate setting with professional photographers who have been there and are willing to help you invent--or reinvent--your personal style to find the success story living inside you.

Allison and her husband Jeff know a thing or two about building a successful photography studio. In their PPA Tour 2010 presentation, they'll share how they've increased sales each year with unique design skills and much more. For example, they'll share their most successful marketing campaigns and plenty of tips on how to build long-lasting and profitable client relationships.

In addition, some of the industry's best known photographers will join Jeff and Allison in each of the tour's 10 city stops to offer advice and inspiration about artistic and creative techniques. In other words, you can expect an eclectic mix of art and business management training that you can put to work in your studio the very next day.

"No one teaches business management skills better than PPA," says Rodgers. "When we combine their business management knowledge with photographers' talent and creative know-how, something very special comes of it. And our tour attendees will get to experience this firsthand!"

Learn more about the PPA Tour 2010 here...and register for the tour location nearest to you.

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