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The Lighting & Digital Tour with Jack Reznicki - PPA Today

The Lighting & Digital Tour with Jack Reznicki


Photography & Photoshop  techniques for everyone.

Reznickipromo08visual If you have ever wanted to  work with studio lighting but didn’t know where to start, or you are a pro  looking for new ideas, this seminar will be perfect for you. Join Canon  Explorer of Light and Author Jack Reznicki for a full day of valuable “need-to-know” information.


  • Creating “Natural” Light  with strobes
  • Basic One light Portrait  lighting with live model
  • Histograms, Camera White  Balance, and other camera essentials
  • Importing, Processing,  and Printing files
  • Masking and Professional  Photoshop Techniques
  • Copyrights &  Copywrongs


  • New York – March3
  • Philadelphia – March4
  • Atlanta – March6
  • Kansas City – March8
  • St. Louis – March10
  • Portland  –   March12
  • Irvine – March14

  $99 for a full day of informative  Live Photographic training

Registration and additional information:

Jack Reznicki is the author of several books including "Studio and Commercial Photography - A Kodak Pro Workshop" He is honored to be both  one of the original "Canon Explorers of Light", one of the original  "Epson Stylus Pros", and a Sandisk "Photo Master". Jack  also does Beta testing and consulting with Canon, Epson, Mamiya, Microsoft, X-Rite, Leaf digital backs, and Adobe. His clients include Tylenol, The Wall  Street Journal, Hyatt, Toys "R" Us, Kodak, Canon, Epson, Reader's  Digest, Crest, AT&T, L'Oreal, Playtex, Johnson & Johnson, Time  Magazine, and numerous other Fortune 500 companies.

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