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Skin-tastic Retouching Skills

conner_ziser_jane_head2012blog.jpgWho doesn't want to look their best in a photograph? It's a nearly universal desire--I challenge you to find someone who doesn't! It stands to reason, then, that if you can help your subjects look better than ever in their portraits, you'll likely wind up with better sales and much happier clients. And retouching skin is a very, very important step in that direction.

"No matter what else you might do to someone during the retouching process, the skin is what will make it believable or false," says Jane Conner-Ziser, Cr.Photog., API, one of the world's top retouching artists. That's why she's preparing a PPA webinar to share these skills: "Tips for Retouching Skin in Photoshop" (Aug. 28, 2:00pm Eastern).

Though it's not hard to retouch skin, it requires a variety of retouching tools for different purposes. After all, no two faces are alike. "We used to joke about wanting some kind of solution we could dip our negatives into that would know where to retouch and where not to," Jane laughs. "Today, we have auto-retouching software or brush-on retouching actions that STILL don't know what to remove, what to soften or shorten, and what to leave alone."

For example, Jane says that you need to be able to analyze the expression of each subject and bring out their best during the retouching process. "Some angles of light or character affect the way we see people. Is a person smiling in their eyes, but projecting anxiety in the face?" She'll show you how to handle this during the webinar, too.

In other words, it's up to you, my friend. Sure, there are great tools to use (and Jane will show you some), but you need control over the lighting, expression and visual appearance of your work from start to finish. Nothing replaces a master's touch!

So mark your calendar and register now for help getting those skin-tastic retouching results.

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