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PR 101 for Photographers: Old School Tactics for Present Day Success - PPA Today

PR 101 for Photographers: Old School Tactics for Present Day Success

jen_spengler_2012_blog.jpgHow often do you pick up the local paper and read a feature story about someone else's business, maybe even another photographer's studio? Wonder what it would take to get YOUR story in print or on the evening news?

"Everyone has a story to tell, and every town has media outlets that will be interested in hearing it," explains Jen Spengler, founder of PR in a Flash. And you're in luck because she will be sharing PR tactics for photographers in PPA's online class next week!

How-To PR Materials
With Jen, you'll learn how an "old school" press release can still help spread your story. "I believe in its value because small, local papers--and even some of the big ones--have drastically cut their staffs and need well-written material they can use without having to hire a writer," she notes.

But sometimes public relations can be as simple as alerting a reporter to a possible story! That's why Jen will also talk about how easy it can be to simply pick up the phone and make a call to an editor or send a brief email asking for coverage. In addition, she'll cover what you might not see as public relations--networking and volunteering in the community, for example. And what about following a local reporter (who writes about arts or small business) on Twitter and starting a conversation? That's a PR tool, too!

The Key to Great PR
To make these tactics work, though, Jen will stress the importance of finding the right angle for your story.

"Sometimes the story is not about the photography, but about how one BECAME a photographer, how you help your community, or how your small business is doing in tough times," Jen explains. In other words, to get your news spread, it needs to be more than just, "I'm an awesome photographer." (That's more of an ad, Jen notes, which is probably what an editor will tell you if you bring them that kind of "story"!)

"Photographers have to look at the audience they want to reach and give them something that is authentic, newsworthy and valuable to their lives, or one that touches them in some way," adds Jen.

THAT is what makes it a story to share.

So, are you ready to share your story? Ready to get to know your audience, find your angle, make it newsworthy...and learn how to ask your local media to help spread the word? Then tune in March 27 for more details and help in getting started:

PR 101 for Photographers: Old School Tactics for Present Day Success
with Jen Spengler
March 27 at 2:00pm ET

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