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PPA's August Webinar Schedule - PPA Today

PPA's August Webinar Schedule


We have three great webinars in August, including a FREE member-only program on Wednesday, August 27—Protect Yourself: Copyright, Trademarks, and Model Releases—with staff from PPA's Copyright and Government Affairs office. Also joining us this month are Sarah Petty and Lori Nordstrom, presenting Hidden Power of Charitable Marketing next Wednesday, August 13, and Chris Wunder with Earn $1,000 an Hour from School Photography, Step 1: Underclass Business Basics on Monday, August 25.

August 13
Hidden Power of Charitable Marketing
with Lori Nordstrom, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, SMS Consultant
and Sarah Petty, Cr.Photog., CPP, SMS Consultant
12:00pm-1:00pm EST
$49 PPA members/ $249 non-members
Register online (08AUGWEB1) or call 800-786-6277

Helping out a good cause can return the favor many times over…that’s the hidden power of charitable marketing. Find out how Lori raised over $35,000 for her charity of choice this year alone. You’ll learn why she does it and why she thinks studios should be involved, along with how she does it and how you can get involved. See how to create a name, logo, and brand for your charitable fund and how it can contribute to your regular marketing.

Join Lori and Sarah for the A-Z of setting up a charitable marketing campaign, running the campaign, and increasing the benefits tenfold.

Lori Nordstrom Bio:
Lori Nordstrom owns a boutique studio specializing in maternity and newborn portraits, located in the picturesque town of Winterset, Iowa. Along with being a full-time pro photographer, Lori is a PPA-Approved business instructor and marketing consultant for Studio Management Services. Lori is also in her sixth year of working with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through her studio’s “Little Angels” campaign.  In 2008, her studio raised over $35,000 for the Society and was recognized through Oprah’s Big Give.

Sarah Petty Bio:
From the time she was a child, Sarah Petty knew she wanted to own her own business. After earning her MBA from The University of Illinois, she taught marketing and business courses at a local college. She worked in the marketing department of Coca-Cola, and eventually became the marketing director for a top Central Illinois advertising agency. After spending many years teaching other business owners how to market and grow their businesses, she launched her own business Sarah Petty Photography.


August 25
Earn $1,000 an Hour from School Photography
Step 1: Underclass Business Basics

with Chris Wunder, Cr.Photog.
Monday, August 25,  2008
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST
Cost: $49 PPA Members
Register online (08AUGWEB2) or call 800-786-6277

It’s always good to add something lucrative to your business!

Ready to offer an additional service and bring in more revenue? Conducted on weekday mornings—when you probably have time available to handle it—underclass school photography can be a lucrative addition to your studio business. But to get a good start in this field, you must understand the metrics of the business. Join in this live Webinar for explanations and advice about the basics of the underclass photography business, including schools’ requests for rebates.

Listen and learn how you can add a new revenue stream!

Chris Wunder Bio:
Chris Wunder, Cr.Photog., is a 30-year veteran of the photography business and a recognized sales & marketing industry expert for studios, events, sports, schools and directory photography programs. He’s a popular platform speaker and a consultant to photography businesses—both small and large—all across America. Chris is also co-owner of the PortraitEFX Photography Network with over 40 locations nationwide.


August 27
Protect Yourself:
Copyright, Trademarks, and Model Releases

Hosted by: Christel Aprigliano, PPA’s Member Services Manager
Panelists: Al Hopper, PPA’s Director of Membership, Copyright & Government Affairs and Maria Matthews, PPA’s Copyright & Government Affairs Coordinator
7:00pm – 8:00pm EST
Free—PPA members only
Please login to to get the free registration link.

Every photographer needs to ensure that each image they share with the public is protected. If it's not, you lose business! Learn about copyrights and trademarks, how to properly handle them, why model releases are necessary, and more…all with this free webinar.
Join PPA’s Copyright & Government Affairs staff as they discuss how to protect yourself, your work, and your clients using the tools and resources of PPA. And don’t forget to bring your own questions—they'll be answering yours during the Q & A session.

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