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Win with Money: Conquer Debt and Dream Big - PPA Today

Win with Money: Conquer Debt and Dream Big

Chris HoganStarting to dread opening those credit card bills every month? Don't fear them, conquer them and put debt in its place. Here's a great place to start: join our webinar featuring Chris Hogan, director of the financial coaching division for Dave Ramsey (March 17th at 4:00pm Eastern).

Ramsey's Financial Coaching is responsible for providing practical financial coaching, counseling and guidance to artists and athletes with a top-notch program designed to help them "win with money" through personal budgeting, saving and debt elimination. Sound like it could help you? That's what Hogan believes.

"No matter what the economy is like, it's a smart idea to recession-proof your business. That way, when the hard times come, you'll be standing strong," says Hogan.

You'll learn about:

  • Recession-proofing your business and standing strong in any economy
  • Balancing calculated risk with the right level of operational restraint
  • A plan for debt elimination
  • Developing a budget and sticking to it
  • Creating a cash flow plan
  • The importance of a business plan and how to get started

Hogan will also help you put together an outline on paper that helps you set a vision and define goals for your company. "This is extremely important because it gives you motivation to leave the cave, kill something and drag it home everyday," he explains. "Owning your own business can be a challenging endeavor, but knowing what your dreams and visions are will help you stay focused."

Listen to Hogan's webinar, "Win with Money: Conquer Debt and Dream Big," on March 17th (4:00pm Eastern) to gather more tips for standing strong in any economy.

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