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Thursday Webinar: Sport Composites That Sell - PPA Today

Thursday Webinar: Sport Composites That Sell

Sturdevant,Richard_Headshot.jpgSports photography is just as competitive a field as all the rest. So if you want to make your images excel--in creativity and sales--come listen to what award-winning photographer Richard Sturdevant has to say on June 28 at 2:00pm Eastern.

"I have a passion for high school sports. I was an athlete (long ago!) and my son currently plays sports, so I decided to apply my art skills to sports photography, too," explains Richard. "The response was huge!"

Chief among what differentiates his work are his sport composites. "These have become top-sellers at the studio," Richard says. "Everyone wants to be amazed, and composites can deliver that kind of impact. The public is getting used to seeing great sports action images, but composites still stand out. They tell a story of that moment in such an artistic way."

Richard will take you through the creative process of creating such sport composites and how to sell them for a profit. As he says, "Amaze the client, and your studio will be rewarded."

Join him for his PPA webinar, "Sport Composites That Sell" and get ready to amaze YOUR clients!

See a gallery of Richard's sport composite images.

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