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The Boutique Studio for Private Schools


Fullgraf_brittney.jpgCan photographing schools be a smart business decision for a boutique photographer? The answer is a definite yes, especially when it comes to private schools--just watch the upcoming "The Boutique Studio for Private Schools" webinar!

"Private schools offer amazing opportunities to grow your portrait studio," adds Britney Fullgraf of Belvedere Studio in Lakeland, Fla. "You're accessing a market that is not only fairly recession-proof, but that includes clients who haven't been as affected by the recession in the first place."

Fullgraf has had great success in this market, both by steering pre-qualified clients to her regular studio sessions and by shattering what you might consider the "norm" for school portrait sales. And it started via a fundraising auction.

"I was growing a new boutique studio and did NOT want to be known as a 'school portrait' photographer," recalls Fullgraf. But her photographs of private school students for their auction raised a lot of money, which led to another school approaching her to do their school portraits. What to do? "I tried to consider a way I could elevate what was expected from school portraiture. After all, private schools try to set themselves apart in every other way, so I thought a higher-end approach might be well-received."

And it was. In fact, Fullgraf doesn't try to distance herself from the school portrait division of her business. Instead, she displays all wedding work, competition images, school portraits and everything else all together in her branding, "so people get the idea that they are not working with a 'typical' school portrait photographer," she says. This helps in the cross-over of clients from school portraits to her other photography services.

"The whole approach has been to try to provide something extraordinary for the schools--extraordinary portraits, extraordinary opportunities and extraordinary customer service," explains Fullgraf. "I think that when people see what you are capable of at the schools and experience the careful attention to detail and your willingness to exceed their expectations there...then they are comfortable using you for their higher-end portrait needs."

Ready to bring this boutique approach to private schools in your area? There are so many in-roads to participating, and Fullgraf is ready to help you learn how--from special "mini" sessions that are a huge hit to how you can secure your own private school. Tune in this Thursday for her webinar: "The Boutique Studio for Private Schools" (Oct. 28, 2:00pm ET).

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