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Sports + Photography: Learn How to Make It Work - PPA Today

Sports + Photography: Learn How to Make It Work

martin_gregg_2012.JPGThere's no better job than one that allows you to join two of your passions together. That's why Gregg Martin, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, loves his sports photography time. "This is my element," he adds. "If I didn't have a house payment, I would do this every day for free!" And he's darn good at it too. In fact, he's been shooting on the sidelines for the South Carolina Gamecocks for 23 years!

All that experience means Gregg has figured out a number of ways to get the best shots for his clients...and he's ready to share them with you! Catch his tips via his PPA online class next week: "Fundamentals of Sports Action Photography" (June 19, 2:00pm Eastern).

Why can't you miss it? Gregg will be sharing more than just the equipment and clothes you need. He'll be sharing behind-the-scenes strategies for getting the money shots, like the one-second fist pump of celebration after a play is made.

"Sometimes it takes bending the rules a bit--not putting yourself in a dangerous position, just being open for the opportunities," he explains. "When players warm up pre-game, they often get in a big huddle and pump each other up. I'll run up behind them and hold a camera way up to get a bird's eye view image. I've never been told I couldn't do it, but I've also never been told I could!"

Gregg adds that you have to be ready to take the shots when they come. In the stadiummatin1.jpg where he often photographs, photographers cannot stand in the end zone, but they can walk across it to get to the other side. "If you're walking across the end zone, always have your camera at the ready," he says. "If a play happens as you walk by, you could capture it and have an end zone image no one else has."

Are sports and photography two of your passions? Do you want to break into the sports photography field or make your images better? Then don't miss Gregg's PPA online class next week!


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