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Show Me The Sales

rachel_marten_headshot_2012blog.jpg"My clients would never purchase more than they do." Have you ever thought that? Ever turned away from a sales class thinking that those methods just won't work for your business? Rachel Marten, Cr. Photog., said those words once, too. "But I now know it was my own fear speaking--as long as I didn't have control, as long as I was blaming my clients or where I lived, I didn't have to take responsibility for my sales," she explains.

And in her upcoming PPA online class, Rachel will share how she turned that fear around to bring in staggering sales: "Show Me the Sales" (April 3, 2:00pm ET).

For example, an attitude shift and strong motivation helped spur her mission to make money in the industry. "The 'why I had to take responsibility' for our sales became more important than my fear of what my clients would or wouldn't do," says Rachel. "When the 'why' got strong enough, the 'how' became evident and obvious. I stopped saying 'That will never work,' and started saying, 'What can I do to make this work?"

One of the things Rachel did (which she considers vital for higher sales averages) is create a sales system. Over time, she found that when she said certain things, almost all of her clients reacted the same. Repeating and tweaking what worked in previous sessions helped her find the constant outcome she wanted. Now, her system keeps everything on track.

"Looking back, I realize I hated sales because my sales process was scattered. I was fearful and didn't feel like I knew what I was doing," notes Rachel. "My sales system makes me confident in me and my end result."

Her motivation, commitment and sales system have paid off big time. The Martens live in rural Montana, where there are six people per square mile. Yet at least 85 percent of Clark Marten Photography clients drive 45 miles to the spend an average of $3,500.

Good numbers, huh? Tune in April 3 to hear Rachel speak live about how YOU can create a powerful sales system and maximize your numbers, too!


Great topic Rachel! I'm excited to hear more.

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