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Shooting with Intention

Andrews_Carol.gifWe all know that time is money. But it's one thing to "know" that in the back of your mind, and it's quite another to act on that knowledge and change your practices. Carol Andrews Jensen, M.Photog.Cr., ABI, PPA board member and Studio Management Services (SMS) mentor, is here to help you change with some commonsense workflow advice: shoot with intention.

"The more inefficient and inconsistent your entire business process, the less chance you have of being successful in today's competitive photographic marketplace," Andrews Jensen says about the connection between workflow and profit. "By controlling your business (shooting with intention), you can also create and control your profitability...or your loss. They are each correlated to workflow and your business future. In other words, the over-shooters are losing."

What Andrews Jensen is referring to is the tendency of many digital photographers to take hundreds and thousands of images during each session. "What's wrong with that?" you might ask. Well, what was true for film photography is still true for digital photography (even if you don't realize it).

"Just ask any old film shooter," replies Andrews Jensen. "Each exposure, each click of the button had to really mean something because it was $1.50 every time you clicked the shutter. But here's the revelation to younger photographers: NOTHING CHANGED. It still costs you $1.50 every click of the button when you measure time and realize time is money."

And the real nightmare is in the editing of those image dumps. "You can literally 'shoot' your way into bankruptcy, client dissatisfaction and, yes, even divorce if you don't put your business in front of your 'artistic expressions,'" adds Andrews Jensen.

She hears such "woe is me" and "I want my life back" stories from photographers every day. That's why she is bringing her "Shooting with Intention (for Portraits)" webinar to PPA members (September 16th, 2:00pm ET).

In the webinar, Andrews Jensen will be reviewing the keys to photographing with intention, creating a beautiful and profitable flow from client relations to portrait design, the photo session and the sales recommendations. With her help, you'll see that simplifying is key. To her, this philosophy is nothing new...just something that was forgotten by many.

"(Shooting with intention) is the key to creating quality lives and profitable businesses that serve us and our families...not ruin us," says Andrews Jensen. "As a single parent and business owner, it helped me create the life I needed by supporting my financial needs and giving me the flexibility and time to parent my child. And I'm just as excited to see other photographers embracing this structure and making these simple changes, for we see their studios flourishing and their personal lives recovering."

Are you ready to tighten control, rein in your shooting and focus on the goal of each session or event? Join Carol Andrews Jensen for her "Shooting with Intention (for Portraits)" webinar, and start making profitable changes.

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