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Setting Yourself Up for Success in Maternity Sales - PPA Today

Setting Yourself Up for Success in Maternity Sales

pete_wright_blog.jpgAre you making the sales you want in your maternity specialty (and beyond)? Pete Wright, M.Photog.Cr., says that successful sales start with having the right structure in your sessions, from creating a comfortable environment to cultivating relationships. It's a "holistic" approach to photography sales, in a sense. And it works wonders with the maternity specialty, as you'll see during his online PPA class, "Setting Yourself Up for Success in Maternity Sales" (June 28, 2:00pm ET).

Wright compares the importance of creating the right environment for successful sales to your experiences with Walmart versus a four-star hotel. "You are setting a certain level of expectation and service by creating a nice, relaxed environment," he explains.

"When you walk into Walmart, you don't get pampered. So, you would not expect to spend much in this environment--you are going to get cheap prices and get in and out quickly," adds Wright. "Adversely, at a four-star hotel someone opens the door for you, greets you, offers you a cold drink as the valet parks your car, and invites you to the front desk for check in. On the way to the front desk, you are greeted by warm lighting, a nice color palette, posh furnishings, and art on the wall with pleasant background music playing. When you check into your room, the amenities are comfortable and better than what you are used to having at home. When you have this experience, you expect to pay more and--if it is pleasant--are happy to do so."

As the owner of PW Photography in Richmond, VA, Wright plays to the psychology of the client in this way. "We give them four-star treatment during their session so that not only will they be prepared to pay more, but they will also brag to their friends about their experiences."

And his sales process definitely works!

"A recent client scheduled her maternity session with us and--due to only her phone experience--she referred two other friends to us before setting foot in our studio!" recalls Wright. "Not only did she end up making a very nice purchase, but she also made an appointment for her baby's first session and referred a third friend. This is a common story with us."

Want to make that kind of referral and sales success a common story at your own studio? One of your first steps is watching Pete Wright's online PPA class (June 28, 2:00pm ET), so sign up now! He'll share the secrets behind the success of his studio in the maternity and infant market--from creating the right environment to using all the time during the session as a springboard. Join in and get on the road to building your client base!

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