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Product Design Drives Sales

A studio that manages to increase and sometimes double their sales each year?

Did we get your attention? Want to learn one way to increase your own sales...from the folks behind that studio? Well, here's one of their "secrets" to higher sales: product design. But it's not just any product design that has to be a design that helps your client decide what to do with his/her images.

Think of the product design skill in these terms: Clients want internal "permission" to buy something. You can give that permission by showing them how and where the photographic products can be used on their own walls and in their own settings. Make it tangible. Make it easy to envision.

Such design skills have helped turned Jeff and Allison Rodgers into the duo behind one of the most profitable studios in the U.S. And you can learn how they leverage product design to sell more products by joining their webinar, "Push Higher Sales with Product Design," tomorrow (March 3) at noon EST.

They'll show you how they listen to their clients' needs and wants in order to present them with product designs that work in their spaces. Multi-image pieces, wall designs, name art, books and press products are all items that clients want--and you'll learn how you can translate "want" into "gotta have."

Whether you're an emerging new business or a studio that's been in the industry for years, let Jeff and Allison guide you through the creative and profitable process of product design.

Push Higher Sales with Product Design
March 3, 12pm ET
with Jeff & Allison Rodgers
$39 for PPA Members

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