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Painter for Profit

Bjoershol_Heather_Michelle.gifThe number one misuse of Corel® Painter™ software? It stays in the box. "It's crazy how many students I've had who will buy the software and then never use it!" says Heather Michelle Bjoershol, an award-winning Corel Painter Master. "The truth is, it's difficult to misuse Painter, as the software's possibilities are limitless."

And Bjoershol should know. Her skills with the software have led to her painting portraits wholesale for photographers all across the country! She does also offer photography to "retail" clients, and adding Painter to her product line has increased her bottom line tremendously. "Almost every portrait sales now includes at least a 20" painting on canvas," Bjoershol explains. "Clients also tend to upsize their orders to show off the hand-painted details and artistry...which also increases my frame sales."

Adding the use of Painter to you own work is sounding better and better, isn't it? The keys to making it work for you, though, are in learning how to use it to its full potential and incorporating it correctly in your studio.

For example, one thing Bjoershol cautions against is too much reliance on the "auto clone" feature without finishing the painting with any "hand-applied" brush strokes. "That often makes the portrait look mechanical and digital versus hand painted," she says. "While there is a place for auto cloning, it's important to balance it out with custom touches."

Want to learn more from the master? Tune into Bjoershol's PPA webinar, "Painter for Profit: Making Corel Painter Work for Your Studio," (May 10, 2:00pm ET).

"Simply put, the correct use of Corel Painter will increase your bottom line, give you a new product in this highly competitive market, open the door to new clients, and allow you to offer an affordable alternative to true, organic oil paintings," adds Bjoershol. "Whether you learn it yourself or outsource the artwork, it's a win-win." 

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