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Master TTL Wireless Flash Tips and Tricks

fulton_mike.jpgLighting is one of those basic, but truly necessary, photography skills that spans all specialties. Whether you photograph babies or seniors, weddings or sports, the way you light the subject makes a big difference in the end result. And it is much more difficult than it sounds. Take, for instance, wireless TTL (through the lens) flash technology. It truly is an art AND a science.

Luckily, Mike Fulton, Cr.Photog., of TriCoast Photography has become a "kung-fu" master of this type of lighting. Even better for you, he's able to share simple, fast and effective methods of capturing images with this technology...without all the techno-geeky talk. Just watch his PPA webinar, "TTL Wireless Flash Tips and Tricks Using Canon and Nikon Flash Units" (April 12, 4pm).

Fulton started using wireless TTL flash when Canon first introduced the basic TTL flash units. A former crime scene investigator, Fulton seemed to be constantly working at night, where he had to photograph the evidence while preserving the scene. To do so, he walked through the scene once, placing flashes in areas where he needed light, and walked back out in the same steps as he entered.

"Being able to control the power of the wireless flash from my master flash--without contaminating the scene--was a HUGE help in keeping evidence intact for court proceedings," he explains. "Of course, one of the issues with TTL is how it communicates and meters, and with that comes a higher learning curve than just manual flash exposures." 

But as the technology advanced, so did his expertise, thanks to hard work. He discovered a passion for trying to solve the problems that always come up. "I still have that passion and still try to solve every little issue that develops when we capture sessions or when students have issues in our hands-on workshops."

Now a wedding photographer (with a love of fashion and glamour styles), Fulton uses this lighting knowledge to make his clients look even more fantastic. "Light is light," he adds. "From natural light to wireless flash and anything in between, light is one of the skills that separate you from wanting to be a professional photographer to being a professional photographer."

If you're interested in being a professional with TTL wireless flash technology, there's no better person to learn from than Mike Fulton. "Canon, Nikon and other brands that incorporate the TTL metering method for wireless flash...they all work the same way," he says. "While the terminology is different, the theory is all the same."

Come to his PPA webinar to learn how the TTL system meters, why it does what it does, and how to work around the common and not-so-common issues within it. There's a simple solution to almost every lighting situation you will face. Get the knowledge to face those situations with confidence!

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