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Marketing Weddings

Jennifer RoggiKnowing that you need to market your wedding photography services is one thing...knowing what message you're marketing and where is quite another!

"Today's brides and grooms were raised on the Internet," says Jennifer Roggi, Cr.Photog., ABI, CBM, of Stephen Charles Photography. "This has changed the way we reach them and the way they communicate."

In her upcoming online class (or webinar), "Marketing Weddings," Roggi will share how her studio addresses these changes and reaches out to clients. You'll learn her tips and recommendations for effectively using social media, e-mail and blogs, along with considering vendor relationships, effective bridal shows and displays, and even print advertising.

"Working with businesses around the country, I am finding that there is no magic bullet," adds Roggi. "Everyone has a different thing that is working for them."

For example, while Roggi does get friend and family referrals, it is not enough of a new market to sustain her current level of business. She finds that nurturing relationships with wedding venues is also very important, for it brings in brides who may not have heard about Stephen Charles Photography before. "And we, too, are learning more and more about managing the social media aspect and are excited about new opportunities in that market," she explains. "It is a never-ending process."

Yet however important finding the right method of communication is, you must also send the right message. "With today's market so saturated with new photographers, it is more important than ever to define what sets you you can convey that message in your marketing," says Roggi.

Her advice is to try and think like your potential client--not like a photographer: "What we think of as obvious differences between ourselves and our competitors may not be so obvious to potential buyers."

Ready to learn more advice and recommendations for clarifying and spreading your marketing message? Register now for her online class, "Marketing Weddings" (February 15, 2:00pm Eastern).

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