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Marketing to New Mommies

nordstrom_headshotblog.jpgNew mothers are entranced by their little's a special time in their lives, a perfect time to capture in portraits! But how do you make them aware of what professional photography and you, specifically, have to offer? Lori Nordstorm, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, knows, and she's going to share her marketing tactics with you via an upcoming webinar, "Marketing to New Mommies: Maternity & Baby's First Year" (June 7, 2:00pm ET).

"Knowing who forms your target market is the number one step," explains Nordstrom. "If I know who she is, I know where to find her! In fact, I'll be sharing ways to define your target market in my webinar."

But once you find your client, how do you appeal to her? You have to find the hot-button issues, the wants and desires that will move her. For example, Nordstrom gets her new moms excited by talking about their babies and their vision for the nurseries. "My goal is to help moms decorate with portrait art, so we begin that process of education right from the beginning," she adds. "If I can get mom excited about decorating with portraits, it's something she'll stay excited about throughout her client experience."

Defining and appealing to your target market will all be covered in Nordstrom's webinar, along with much more. You'll learn how to prepare the moms for each session, how to work with newborns and what products sell at each stage.  You'll snag some ideas for working with other businesses. And you'll even learn the most important thing a photographer can remember when marketing to mommies:

"When a woman is pregnant or has just had a baby, it's all about THEM," says Nordstrom. "They don't want to chat about the weather or what's so great about you or your studio.  They want to know what you can do for them, how you will help them and how you will make them feel."

Sign up for "Marketing to New Mommies: Maternity & Baby's First Year" now and learn how to do just that! 

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