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Marketing to A-List Seniors

forester_headshot_blog.jpgDo you want to attract the big spenders in the high school senior market? Then you might want to consider product-driven marketing and "luxury wording," as Beth Forester, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, does.

"Seniors are very brand-oriented," Beth explains. "They want the Coach purse, the designer clothes, etc. So if I can put photography products in their hands that their peers will want, it will drive more clients to me."

From web-related products to tangible mini albums, video podcasts to graduation announcements, Beth's product-driven marketing helps funnel her clients into the sales process. For example, she just ordered 3,000 graduation announcements from her lab--"that's 3,000 pieces of direct mail that I'm not paying the postage for!"

But Beth says you also have to keep those products hot and new because the styles and trends that seniors want change every year. "I don't just have to be better than the photographer down the street; I have to be better than Beth Forester last year," she notes. "Seniors are all about new, new, new." That's why she updates and adds new product lines every year...just like her clients update their racks of clothes.

Along with that, Beth says she constantly educates and reminds clients (the parents, especially) that her photography is just like the designer bags and shoes they have. She does so in everything that comes from her studio. "I market to the high-end senior," says Beth. "So I'm always reiterating the luxury wording, communicating the investment. It's an educational process."

Want more tips in appealing to and driving sales with the high-end client? Tune in for Beth Forester's advice next week: "Marketing to A-List Seniors" (April 24, 2:00pm EST). 

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