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Marketing for Children & Family Portraiture

craft_lori_board.jpg"It all starts and ends with family." That's Lori and Dennis Craft's belief, and Lori is willing to show how she shares this belief with the public, turning them into clients. To her, family portraits are about relationships--the relationships within the family and the relationship that you, the photographer, make with the family. And you can't forget that your marketing is part of that relationship-building process.

In fact, Lori will discuss how she uses the marketing and promotions of their studio to feed those client relationships in her online class "Marketing for Children & Family Photography" (April 12, 2:00pm Eastern).

During that webinar, Lori will share some of her top-performing promotions, including her favorites: Simply Kids and Simply Kids for Big Kids. They are her favorite promotions for the simple fact that they bring clients in on a consistent basis. "With these promos, we offer something different like our baby ducks in April," explains Lori. "They are a little less expensive than a regular session and give clients extra reasons to come in. And seeing clients more often helps us build those good relationships."

Consistency is another key element in building any good relationship, and Lori notes that it is one of the most important "rules" of marketing to remember. Think of it this way: You know that a professional photographer should be consistent in image quality. Well, the same goes for your marketing outreach.

"You can't do something once and then ignore your clients for six months. Get your name out there," adds Lori.  "Be consistent in your timing and all the channels you use to promote--website, blog, Facebook, etc."

Every experience clients have with you builds their relationship with you. Don't let your marketing be the fatal flaw in those relationships!  Learn more about creating consistency and smart promotions by attending Lori's "Marketing for Children & Family Photography" online class on April 12. 

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