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Make E-mails Work for You

Rouleau_Wendy.gifIf you're serious about your business, you have to stand out from the crowd via your imagery and (often) your marketing. "I always hear photographers say that they can't afford marketing (meaning a fancy campaign or huge mailing)," notes Wendy Rouleau of Portraits by Wendy. "But marketing is exactly what we should be doing...with a twist!"

By "twist," she means online marketing, one of the easiest and most effective forms of marketing (and the least expensive). Right now, you're probably thinking about Facebook and Twitter as online marketing formats, but what about e-mails? They have worked for Rouleau, and she's going to share how they can work for you in her upcoming webinar: "Online Marketing with Effective E-mail Campaigns" (September 30, 2:00pm EST).

We aren't talking spam here; we're talking targeted and effective marketing, similar to direct mail pieces placed right into your clients' hands. "With an online campaign, you can see instant results at a minimum cost," Rouleau adds. "Think of it as a mailing without all the lead time, printing costs and postage!"

And e-mail can be one of the best tools...if handled correctly.
"As with any other campaign, the message has to be clear and the call to action has to be simple for it to be effective. But with an e-mail, you have the power to create a 'visual treat' that will get you customers' attention and make them want to share it with their friends," explains Rouleau. "And if you have properly trained your clients and properly managed your lists, the results of your efforts will be known immediately."

Plus, if you make your e-mails easy for your clients to share with friends, chances are that they will. More and more of Rouleau's clients are doing just that. "If a client is part of a women's group, she may pass the e-mail along to the club," Rouleau says. "That hits a whole new base of people in a recommendation format!"

It might sound easy, but as with most things in life, you have to understand the process and best practices to make an e-mail truly effective (including the tools to test them). Join Rouleau's "Online Marketing with Effective E-mail Campaigns" webinar...and make your e-mails work for you.

For more information and advice, read about Wendy Rouleau's award-winning e-mail campaigns here.

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