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Income Tax Strategies Webinar - PPA Today

Income Tax Strategies Webinar

Kurkian_Scott.jpgDid you know that your business entity type can affect the amount of taxes you pay? Do you know the income tax strategies that can lower your 2010 AND 2011 taxes? Scott Kurkian, PPA's chief financial officer and one of the founders of PPA's Studio Management Services, has updated his Income Tax Strategies webinar to answer these questions and more (Thursday, Dec. 16, 2:00pm ET).

"This year, we saw several tax law changes that impact small businesses," says Kurkian, as he explains why he is presenting the upcoming webinar. "It is imperative for small-business owners to make sure their tax preparers are up on the latest tax laws--those laws could significantly impact their tax liability!"

Consider the upcoming webinar your personal guide to these tax laws. Kurkian will help you understand how the tax decisions you make affect the amount you'll pay the government. You'll also learn more about retirement, home office deductions and other crucial information for your business. Most importantly, you'll discover whether or not your accountant is doing what he/she should be doing for you--and know what to ask them to do.

Remember, as Kurkian says, it is not enough just to have your taxes prepared by a professional. "Business owners need to know the questions to ask to make sure their tax preparers are taking advantages of the laws that are designed to benefit small businesses."

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