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How to Build Partnerships with Interior Designers

Novak_Laura.jpgMany say that marketing is all about who you know (and how you position yourself). So who do you know...or better yet, who should you know? Laura Novak is here to make a case for getting to know and partnering with interior designers. In fact, she's even giving a webinar on that subject: "How to Build Partnerships with Interior Designers" (April 5, 12pm Eastern).

"I found that as my client base grew, most of them had interior designers," says Novak. "It was the designers who had strong opinions about what went in the homes. If I said I'd like to see a certain frame in their house, the client would say, 'Ok, let me check with my interior designer.'"

It just made sense to Novak to get the designer on board from the beginning.

"They are the experts in home décor," she adds. "They can convince clients that the clothing in a portrait has an important effect on its placement. Plus, the designer's approval is a great reassurance to the client."

Novak has found that her own designer partnerships have helped in two major ways. For one thing, it helped expand her network of clients...and people interested in what she can do. And it also helped the homeowners (her clients) see her photographs as home décor. This is an important distinction, for if people are remodeling or redecorating a room, it's not uncommon to spend $25,000 for a room (at least in her target market).

"If the portrait is seen as part of home décor, then it's not as big a deal to spend 15 percent of that remodeling/redecorating budget on it," Novak explains.

One thing Novak stresses, though, is to think outside of the box when it comes to who you can partner with--you may not have a strong interior designer population in your area! But the idea still applies. What about cabinet makers, furniture makers or salespeople? Folks in these kinds of professions deal with items going in a home and may also be able to help you position your photography as home décor.

If you're interested in finding a new way to get your art seen in this light, tune in on Monday, April 5th to hear Laura Novak's tips and suggestions for building partnerships with a group that could help you go far.

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