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Great Senior Ideas That Work

Jenkins.jpgWould you like to make your senior portrait orders more profitable? That's what Andrew Jenkins hopes to help you with during his "Great Senior Ideas That Work" webinar (March 15, 2:00pm ET).

Hearing and learning about such new ideas is always good for business in one way or another. After all, you can't keep doing the same things and expect a different result! Jenkins, for example, is always looking for new products to set his studio apart.

"We work very closely with our lab to help brainstorm new products we can offer," Jenkins says, explaining how he finds his new ideas. "We are also always networking with other photographers."

And in his mind, one of the most important sales ideas/tips that he can pass on actually involves his price list: "We have set up our price list with bonus credits so if clients purchase one item, they are able to receive a credit/bonus on another product. After they receive that product, they receive another credit/bonus. Finally, we give one last bonus if the clients meet a certain dollar amount."

Are you ready to start brainstorming to freshen up your senior business? You can start with Jenkins' webinar on March 15--so don't miss it!

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