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Get on the Road to Photo Fusion

Bebbs.jpg"As professional photographers battle for market share, mastering photo fusion (the blend of stills, video and audio) can give you a leg up in the market," say Steve and Jen Bebb of Bebb Studios in British Columbia. "It will set you apart from others while brokering a connection between your past and future clients."

Yes, you've probably heard about fusion by now, but the Bebbs want to do more than tell you about it. They want to help you make sense out of it all! That's why they're presenting "On the Road to Photo Fusion," a PPA webinar on November 9 (2:00pm ET). And they're starting by diffusing one key myth:

Myth: Fusion is about becoming a videographer or cinematographer.
Fact: Fusion is about using the tools available to you to "supplement your existing storytelling efforts."

For example, the Bebbs use fusion to augment or enhance still images, giving clients a more complete story of their wedding day. "How much, or how little, video you choose to include is up to you," they say. You could even start by simply adding audio to your photo coverage.

"Surprise your clients by recording their vows and speeches and then overlaying those words in their final slide show," explain the Bebbs. "We did this with a few 'test' weddings, and the resulting buzz was fantastic."

So what's the verdict? Are you interested in offering your clients a little something extra? Want to add some more buzz yourself? Learn the what, why and how of photo fusion during this webinar! After all, as the Bebbs say, "Whether a studio chooses to implement fusion or not is up to them. But as the interest grows, understanding fusion is going to be very important."

Want to learn even more about photo fusion? Attend the Bebbs' Imaging USA class on the subject: "Fusion: A Style Collision."


I think the Bebbs are definitely right about fusion not making you a cinematographer. As far as being a videographer though, I think it depends on where you want to take it. I think videography today is changing, and it would include what some photographers have as fusion offerings.

It probably just comes down to priorities. Do you cover all the significant events of the day using video as well as photos? I'd call that videography. What do you guys think?

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