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Don't Sell Yourself Short - PPA Today

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Forester_Beth.jpgTired of shooting a marathon senior portrait session only to be disappointed by a puny order? Take some advice from Beth Forester, M.Photog.Cr., CPP: Don't sell yourself short!

Forester backs up her advice with 15 years of hard a challenging environment no less! "In West Virginia, we have been in an economic downturn for over 50 years. So, I know all about selling to people in poor economic conditions," explains Forester. "I've had to do it for the entire time I've been in business."

In her upcoming online class, "Don't Sell Yourself Short: Essentials of Senior Sales & Marketing" (March 29, 2:00pm EST), Forester will share some of that experience. She'll help you learn to analyze your sessions and sales to create a pricing structure that ensures a successful senior campaign. From setting minimums to attracting the right kind of client, she is ready to share what "to do" and what "not to do."

For example, she thinks that time is the most commonly overlooked factor in pricing and selling to senior clients. "A lot of photographers know to have different session fees for the sessions that take more time and so on," Forester says. "But the average sales from any of those sessions are usually about the same, whether the photographer spent one hour or five hours shooting. That's why I have different purchase minimums, too. This way, I'm guaranteed a profit on the sessions that include more time on my part."

And that's just one sample of the smart sales structuring that Forester has created in her business. In fact, all of her products come with a good, better, best structure. It's the "art of the upgrade."

"When selling to clients, it is important for progression to occur to the higher ticket items," she explains. "A custom senior album can be hard to choke down when you only have one option (for $995). But if you have various options at progressive prices, it's easier for people to upgrade." That kind of pricing helps the clients focus on the smaller number--the fact that it is only a $150 upgrade as opposed to a $995 item.

Such upgrading possibilities are never-ending in Forester's studio (and it's one of the top 10 tips she'll share in her online class). As she says, "I never want a ceiling to my sales!"

So, tune in on March 29 and raise your own sales ceiling to reach greater profitability with Beth Forester's help.

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