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Design Those Must-Have Portrait Books

Tina_Wilson_headshot.jpgWhat was it that convinced Tina Wilson of Tina Wilson Photography to create portrait books, which have become THE must-have photography items among her clients)? Their creation was the answer to a series of questions:

  • As a new business owner, Tina wondered, "What can I place in my clients' hands that they will be excited to show their friends and generate buzz?"
  • As an artist, Tina also thought, "What product can I create that will allow the client to see all the nuances of his or her child's personality?"
  • And the clients who wanted it all kept asking, "What do I do with all these images?"

The resulting portrait book product was a resounding success (and still is). Why? "With the purchase of one little book, they can have every image from their session," remarks Tina. In fact, she's found that many clients keep returning to add another volume to their collection.

And this product's success is no's smart business. Tina didn't just create something and then leave it up to the customer to want it. She created something that answered her clients' needs, and then she led them straight to it. "The most important thing I mention to clients when I'm introducing the books for the first time is how special a portrait book will be for their children to have when they are older," explains Tina. "To be able to flip through a book and get an idea of what their life was like is pretty fantastic."

Does that sound like something you'd like to see in your business? Well, Tina is ready and willing to help! She'll be sharing a simple approach to portrait book design and how to present those books to clients in her upcoming webinar: "Design Those Must-Have Portrait Books" (October 14th, 2:00pm ET).

Additional upcoming webinars:

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