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Building Your Business with Collections

barton_michael_blog.jpgExtra income. New clients. Which of those is a bad thing? If you're like most of us, the answer is neither--you want more of both! So, tune in to Michael Barton's PPA online class, "Building Your Business with Collections" (October 4, 2:00pm ET), where he will explain why and how to use limited-edition, themed books and images to generate extra income, attract clients and create buzz.

Why Special Collections Work
"It is difficult to offer specials and discounts for our businesses without undermining our business plans and pricing structure. When we offer discounts, we often attract people that are only looking for a bargain and nothing more," explains Michael. "But by creating a theme and offering special limited edition sessions, we are able to attract new clients to our studios without compromising our day-in, day-out operations."

Just look at Michael's own studio, Indigo Photographic. In 2008, Indigo Photographic created a collection of images featuring little girls and Gerber daisies. "This collection generated a wide range of exposure for virtually no expense, and the 'gerber daisy' images have since become a staple in the Indigo aesthetic," notes Michael.

Indigo Photographic has also created a range of collections featuring boys with hats, dress-up clothes, character studies, and prominent women in the community.

Key to Making Them Work

One of the essential things to remember about using such collections and new ideas is to offer items that are not available during standard sessions. (Once again, that goes back to not undermining your pricing structure!)

"It is also important to focus only on the single image that you wish to create for the special collection and not photograph a normal session," reminds Michael. "These collections are special events, and you are bringing in guests to expand your creativity while generating a new client base.  Special events require special products--not business as usual."

Ready to go beyond "business as usual"? Ready to make more money while finding new enjoyment in your craft? Register for Michael's upcoming class and prepare to build up your own special collections.

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