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Better Your Business with Benchmarks

roggi_jennifer_blog.jpgBenchmarks. What are they? What do they tell us? And why should you care? "I believe that in every endeavor, it is good to have a method for setting goals," says Jen Roggi, Cr.Photog., ABI, CBM. And that's why you should pay attention to the PPA Benchmarks. They've guided Jen, and she wants to help you learn to use them, too!

"The Benchmarks give averages and top numbers by which you can make decisions about your own company," adds Jen. "For example, I use the Benchmarks to see where the industry is going when I am planning my upcoming year, and it also helps me see how healthy and strong my business is." Once she knows that, she knows what areas she needs to concentrate on.  

Jen's seen the benchmark benefit firsthand, and that's why she wants to help other PPA photographers take advantage of this resource.

"Even seasoned photographers often struggle to make ends meet, or feel that they are working hard with little to show for it. So, use the PPA Benchmarks to analyze your business and find out where you are going wrong!" Jen advises. "Every photographer should know how to use these Benchmarks so that they can build their business to support their financial needs better than ever."

Join Jen Roggi for her online class, "Better Your Business with Benchmarks" (November 15, 2:00pm EST), as she reviews PPA's photographic benchmarks and explains how you can use them to analyze and improve your business.

Learn more about the PPA Benchmark resources here.

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