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Award-Winning Wedding Album Designs

brycox_blogheadshot.jpg"My goal is to create something so outstanding that my clients won't want to change a thing...and will actually want to buy more pages," says Bry Cox about designing wedding albums for his clients. "This means that the design has to be beautiful and emotionally driven on each page. And my second goal is to do all of this quickly!"

Luckily for us all, Cox will share how he meets those goals--quickly creating beautiful, emotional, story-telling albums--in his upcoming "Award-Winning Wedding Album Designs" webinar (Feb. 22, 2:00pm).

Cox knows how easy it is for photographers to get bogged down in an album design (there are a lot of images involved). In fact, the use of too many images is one of the album design mistakes he often sees. "Many feel that more images are better, even if they aren't all great shots," he explains. "The truth is that fewer and more powerful images will better tell the story and have more impact."

Along with trying to fit too many images onto a page or spread is another common design mistake: over-designing. Using too many ideas on one page will actually lessen their impact. Cox would rather make a bigger album that follows the rule, "less is more," than try to fit everything into a smaller book.

"A photograph, in and of itself, is powerful!" Cox adds. "There are many secrets and tactics that we can use to embellish and enhance an image through design and layout. However, in the end, we really need to edit down the images to those few, great images that have the most impact.  This will help us create a design with emotion, power and simplicity."

Not only will Cox's webinar help you improve your designs, it will also help you better use your time. "Many photographers take way too much time designing books, spending lots of time retouching each image and designing page after page," he says. "The sheer time involved eats up any profit in the end and can eventually cause the photographer to become tired, worn-out or discouraged."
Ready to make even happier clients with amazing albums (while avoiding burnout)? Mark your calendar and register now for this "Award-Winning Wedding Album Design" online class. 

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