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After the Camera, Before the Print

rouse_blog.jpgDo you sing the praises of Adobe Photoshop software? Thom Rouse does, and he's going to share with you how it's opened up a whole new world of creativity for him via his upcoming webinar: "After the Camera, Before the Print" (May 22, 2:00pm Eastern).

"I consider Photoshop to be a fine art tool rather than just a production tool," Thom says. "But I'm not seeing it taught that way very often. That's why I wanted to share my methods and thoughts with other photographers!"

Photoshop has, in essence, become a new medium for him. He always starts with a photographic image and remains true to his photographic background...but he doesn't stop there. With Photoshop techniques and tool, he can realize inspiration not only from other photographers, but also from painters and illustrators. He doesn't just edit, enhance or correct his photographs; he now has a hands-on palette to manipulate his photographs like on a canvas.

"You have to define yourself as a photographer and embrace the tools that come along if you want to and if they work for you," he adds. "Your focus and concentration should be on the finished result." And it just so happens that using Photoshop helps him reach the artistic result he desires.

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Join him May 22nd for a live demonstration of the techniques he uses and a discussion on other issues you may face as you evolve in your use of such tools. You might discover a new way that Photoshop tools can make your creativity soar!

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