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A Workflow to Help You Live the Life You Want - PPA Today

A Workflow to Help You Live the Life You Want

McAdoo_Amber.gifCreating a doable workflow system is vital for your photography business--and you--to survive. And according to Amber McAdoo, CPP, of McAdoo Photo Artistry, peace of mind is one of a great workflow's best benefits. In fact, she'll be sharing a webinar on the subject: "A Workflow to Help You Live the Life You Want" (October 5th, 2:00pm ET).

"Since creating and implementing my workflow in my own business, I am a lot happier of a person in general," explains McAdoo. "There's less stress because you know you are in a good position to get everything done when it needs to be done."

And as you know, there are a lot of things to get done in a photography business! From scheduling to shooting, post-production editing to selling (and everything in between), McAdoo reminds us that a good workflow is necessary to produce the timely delivery of client orders--and to keep the experience consistent from client to client.

Of course, no one's workflow is exactly the same, for everyone works differently. The key is to know your goal and put down a plan. In her October 5th webinar (which will be archived), McAdoo will walk you through the steps you need to take to create your own system and put it into action.

"I think the most important step is simply knowing your steps and putting them into a process," she says. "And obviously, you have to be able to manage those steps in a timely manner."

Are you ready to get your workflow in working order? Do so, and you'll boost your productivity, profitability, client experience...and your own peace of mind! Learn how, thanks to "A Workflow to Help You Live the Life You Want." 

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