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Photographing & Interacting with Children of All Ages - PPA Today

Photographing & Interacting with Children of All Ages

drenthe_marianne_blog.jpgWhen you photograph children, you get the cute-as-a-button subjects. But you could also get the whining, crying, camera fear, people fear...and it's up to YOU to work around it if possible. So, how do you deal with a super-shy two-year-old who won't let go of mom's hands? How do you get real grins from a toddler vs. an eight-year-old?

Marianne Drenthe knows. And she's going to bare her knowledge via a PPA webinar: "Photographing & Interacting with Children of All Ages" (August 21, 2:00pm Eastern).

"There's a reason kids do what they do. So instead of just getting frustrated, find other ways to interact with them," she advises. "If Susie won't leave her mom, don't force it. Maybe you can treat the parents as props."

Pre-consultations with the parents are a big part of it, and she asks her parent clients to not treat the photo session as a "big deal." Rather, she asks them to talk about the session like it's a play date. Some pictures will be taken, but it's all about the fun. And remember: What's "fun" for one age, may be boring for another.

"This is probably the only PPA webinar where you'll hear the difference between bubbles and farts!" laughs Marianne. "Bubbles can make a one-year-old laugh, but an eight-year-old...not so much. Sometimes that's when I bring out the 'I think your dad just tooted' jokes!"

The point?
Different ages require different interactions. As a former registered nurse and mom herself, Marianne knows the stages of child development AND she knows how to apply them to her clients and photo sessions.

The result? Awesome images and a stellar reputation. Learn how she does it on August 21!


I did baby and infant portraits for a local newspaper's calendar contest for 3 years. This is not part of my normal business however I had fun doing it. Mother's wanted smiles but I would lay or sit on the floor photographing what their children gave me. We did this instant portraits showing and printing images for parents to take home from the session.

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