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New PPAedu Classes for you!

We can all use a little extra education to keep on top of our photographic game--but where do you turn for your educational needs? PPAedu of course! PPA started the PPAedu program, and we hope that you'll turn to us for your educational needs. 

PPAedu has over 170 HD videos (and counting) that PPA members and PPAedu subscribers can access on-demand. These videos cover techniques for photographers like lighting, posing and post capture, as well as the business topics sales, finance, marketing and operations. All taught by some of the most accomplished photographers in the industry. It's a complete education program, included for free with your PPA membership! 

What really makes PPAedu stand out is the Assessment. You can answer a brief series of questions in several areas which will give you personalized class recommendations based on where your photography and business skill are now. Find out more about the Assessment in the "Be More Educated: Take the PPAedu Assessment" post. 

As we alluded to earlier, new PPAedu courses are constantly being added. Take a peek at some of our most recently added courses below:

Beth Taubner

Brands are about the marriage of fact and narrative. It's important to convey your special capabilities and traits so that potential customers can easily understand what sets you, your photographs, and your business apart from the competition. Photographers tend to be focused on technical and problem-solving capabilities rather than the emotional content of what makes their brands unique, so learning to operate from a brand perspective can make a real difference in your satisfaction and career.

View more of Beth's PPAedu courses.

Lori Nordstrom, M.Photog.Cr., CPP

You know you best. Lori will share a quick way to identify your target market and brand (so simple, you might never think to try it!)

You don't have to break the bank: Lori will walk you through some low- and no-cost marketing ideas to enhance awareness, from creating a customer database to e-marketing, rewards programs and more.

The devil is in the details: Lori will share ideas right and left as she discusses how displays and network marketing can work, which products she has found can increase sales for these particular clients, and the services that create loyalty and repeat business. We're talking VIP programs, charitable events, portrait installations and more.

So join Lori and take your marketing education and idea bank up a notch. After all, it's not just who you know or what you know--it's how you promote it!

For some photographers, creating a price list is like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. That process, however, leaves you with inaccurate prices and messy walls! So take a smarter approach and watch this video class where instructor Lori Nordstrom walks you through creating a price list that works for you and your business.

A price list that helps you walk clients through what you want them to buy isn't built in a day, but how can you get started? With real-life examples from her own studio, Lori takes you through the process and what to consider.

Whether your motivation is sowing good seeds, creating good Karma or developing good relationships, involvement in charitable organizations is good for the soul...and for your business. But before you over-commit your time and money, develop a plan. In good works, just like good business, there should be method to the madness!

Lucky for you, instructor Lori Nordstrom is here to discuss just that topic: how to make a charitable marketing plan using a few of the 5 W's (and an H). She'll show you how answering the following questions can help you create a special campaign, product line and even a pricing structure for your charitable work:

What can you give of your time and your talents?
Who do you want to share this with - what charity?
What is your product offering?
When do you want to do this?
How do want to do this?

You'll also learn more ways to get creative with your charitable involvement, like partnering with other vendors to expand on the offering. And since nothing happens without publicity, Lori will explain how you can play up the buzz with local media, email, Facebook and blogs. Put it all together and you could be presenting your charity with an oversized check, something you'll love whether you started for fun or business or both!

No matter your professional aspirations, this class is a must-have. After all, you can be the best photographer in town, but if you can't sell your business, does it really matter?

What do you say the first time a prospect calls or contacts you? For real, what do you tell them? What message does your studio convey? Are your clients right for YOU? After Handling the Inquiry, you'll skillfully and expertly answer these questions and more!

View more of Lori's PPAedu courses.

Julia Kelleher, M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Does you need a creativity boost for your newborn images? If so, then this class with Julia Kelleher is a must watch! In this course, you'll learn how to think like an artist. Discover how you can:
Capture emotion from the start
Utilize lighting techniques and your set up can dramatically assist in capturing the emotions
What compositions define art, and how that helps sales
Best utilize color harmony to convey the best moods subconsciously
Discover creativity on a consistent basis

Parker Pfister

What does it take for photography to be an art form? Parker begins to share his passion with these words:

"I get to take people on journeys. I get to let them see what I see, my interpretation of moments. I believe photography is an art form, it's not a commodity. I believe images should be made in the mind long before you pick the camera up and I believe a strong photograph should always beg more questions than answers." 

With these words, he begins this introspective journey through a variety of images as he shares what he was thinking and feeling as he created each. This is an inspiring video that gives you a glimpse into the mind and heart of an artist. 

This conversation is a behind-the-scenes look into the way Parker thinks about his work, his clients and who he is as a photographer. He's spent so much of his life truly living as an observer, seeing what others don't and sharing his vision to the world. His authenticity shines in this interview on topics ranging from his perfect client to his definition of a great photography to his best advice for those who want to do the work. 

Tricking the light is about using exposure to create what you want to show instead of showing what the eye sees. Building on his concept of seeing past the obvious, Parker shows you how he creates what he pre-visualizes by managing both shutter speed and aperture, and by using a neutral density filter. This over-the-shoulder look into his way of seeing will inspire you to play and to have fun creating innovative and unexpected images.

One of the threads that infuses every conversation with Parker is the ability to "see past the obvious." 

Get a truly over-the-shoulder perspective as Parker shares what he is thinking as he's visualizing the images he wants to create. Enjoy his quirky personality as you watch the way he interacts with his subjects as well as how he directs his assistant. You'll see how he "finds the light" and utilizes each location, capturing the best each area has to give based upon lighting, background, subject and composition. 

This video provides a wonderful opportunity to see and hear how Parker views his surroundings, finds the light he wants to creative with and gets the best from his subjects. 

Bonus: you can get this class for FREE during November at

All of these classes and more are available to PPA members and PPAedu subscribers! Not a PPA member? Join now or subscribe to PPAedu to get full access to all the PPAedu on-demand videos.

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