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Learn how to Create an Heirloom with January's FREE PhotoVision Video! - PPA Today

Learn how to Create an Heirloom with January's FREE PhotoVision Video!

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Want to know how some photographers consistently improve their skills? Check out PPA's 500+ video tutorials database: PhotoVision. You can start with the Free Video of the Month, "Creating an Heirloom."

Photographer Parker Pfister creates a beautiful portrait of a mother with her children, and talks viewers through how to tastefully handle non-sensual nudity in photography in order to create symbolically nurturing and organic imagery. Parker demonstrates how to keep children engaged, even when dealing with vintage full-frame film cameras that require absolute stillness. Parker stresses the importance of capturing emotion in his images and how to pose in order to create a sense of connection.

PhotoVision is a ginormous photography-learning library that offers photographers education and solutions through cinematic HD videos from some of the biggest names in the industry. Because we want all photographers to Be More, PPA unlocks one PhotoVision video each month that can be viewed for free by anyone. If you are a member, you have full access to all PhotoVision videos. This is just one of many reasons to join PPA today!


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