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It's "YOUR" Turn!

phiilips_headshot_blog.jpgWould you open a boat dealership in an area with no water? Not just wouldn't make sense. That's why Blair Phillips says a business concept is a must for any emerging or existing business. And that's why he's teaching a PPA online course on bringing your business ideas to fruition ("It's YOUR Turn," January 24, 2:00pm EST).

When starting and growing his own business, Blair studied his market and made sure the demographic was "conducive for the type of photography [he] wanted to shoot." As he says, "You need to have a grasp on your target demographic before you jump into anything."

And Blair will help you prepare for the "jump" into a stronger business by explaining how to develop concepts, find and remain true to a brand, create your own sets (virtually for free) and even light better (with outdoor lighting broken down into easy steps).

One of the keys to this presentation's power is that Blair will be using his own studio as an example all the way through--sharing what he's done to build toward success and how you can too. His studio became one of North Carolina's premier portrait studios in a few short years, so pay attention!

"After hearing where I came from to get to this point, you will have all the confidence in the world, knowing you can achieve anything," Blair says.

So, tune in and listen up...because now it's YOUR turn!

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