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Hanson Fong: Making People Look Good - PPA Today

Hanson Fong: Making People Look Good

fong_hanson.jpgAfter establishing a great wedding photography client base early in his career, Hanson Fong, M.Photog.Cr., says that he is now able to focus on his specialty of "photographing people and making them look good."

With that as his specialty, is it any wonder that Fong is globally recognized as one of the premier wedding and portrait photographers in the industry today? Everyone wants to look their best...there is a true art form to it. And you could say that Fong's take on photographic artistry sets the standard for photographers around the world.

"My key philosophy with today's photographic technology is two-fold. Yes, everybody has a camera--phone, pocket or iPod/iPhone. But the camera doesn't see for you, doesn't feel for you, doesn't think for you," Fong explains. "I have been trained by some of the greatest photographers in the history of photography. I have the ability to capture and make people look good."

It's true that Fong has received many awards for his images throughout his career, but he is most proud of his work as an instructor.

"My biggest accomplishment as a photographer is receiving the highest photography award for teaching from PPA," Fong said, referring to his 2008 Gerhard Bakker Award.

One reason that means so much to him is that he personally knows just how important great instructors are in a photographer's career. In fact, it was through PPA that he found his own mentor, the person who helped him become a top photographer. Fong describes it as his favorite experience as a PPA member.

Are you searching for an inspiring photographic instructor? Well, Fong will be sharing how he makes people look good when he speaks at the PPA Tour stops March 29 and March 30  (Chicago, Ill., and Minneapolis, Minn., respectively). His program, "Fong Shui: Harmony with the Art of Posing and Lighting," will cover the posing and lighting techniques that Fong uses to create his award-winning images, including:

  • Classic 10 Poses (mastered and pioneered by Hanson)
  • Lighting Control
  • Flow Posing (Hanson's elegant posing, inspired by the late, legendary Rocky Gunn and acknowledged and recognized internationally)
  • Window Lighting
  • Group & Family Posing
  • Metering Techniques
  • Facial Analysis

Come and learn more of his philosophy and techniques at the PPA Tour. Read more about his program here.

Hanson Fong's work and talent are recognized throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. During his 30-year career, he has lectured at every major photography school in America as well as various international and national conventions. Fong's images have been published in numerous magazines, including Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, American Photo and Bridal Guide. His work has also been displayed in the Hall of Fame, EpcotCenter, and the ASP Traveling Loan Collection. He is also a member of the prestigious and world-renowned Society of XXV and one of Canon's Explorers of Light.

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