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Go Beyond the Basics to Get Your Studio Noticed - PPA Today

Go Beyond the Basics to Get Your Studio Noticed

vertz_joy_blog.jpgIn the increasingly competitive photography industry, it is crucial that your business truly stand out. Joy Vertz of Shoot the Moon Photography does so with her Unique Experiences--sessions beyond the norm that leave her clients buzzing.

Joy's special sessions range from documenting a client's dream vacation to high fashion photo shoots. One of her session ideas (the "Ultimate Travel Experience") was inspired by a holiday gift catalog she received from a high-end department store, where they outlined their beautiful products paired with a unique experience.

"It was those experiences that I remembered the most and dreamed about one day being able to try," recalls Joy. "By offering something similar in my photography, the goal was to create an over-the-top product that people would remember."

Why offer a unique session/service?
  • Increase word-of-mouth advertising--"Clients like to share really cool things with friends, so they happily spread the word as the ones who discovered a new or unique service."
  • Boost awareness--"Both our clients and their friends tend to remember us first when it comes to commission photography."
  • Encourage larger sales and return clients--"When people are treated well, they will invest far more and return because you gave them an experience that exceeded expectations."

Interested in creating a similar effect on your own studio?
Just tune in next Tuesday for Joy's online class, "Beyond the Basics: Unique Experience Sessions to Get Noticed" (July 26, 2:00pm ET). She'll discuss little and big ideas that can help you create programs and products clients will talk about.

"These ideas can be adapted for any level of business and changed to suit your market," adds Joy. "My goal is for you to be able to implement at least one or two of the ideas--at your own level--to increase the buzz factor of your business and get clients talking about you!"

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