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Get Ready to Learn How to Talk Dog

Have you ever gotten a request to include the family dog in a portrait? For a lot of people, dogs are family members. Your clients may want to showcase their beloved pet in any number of family, senior, or even wedding photography sessions--but are you prepared for that?

"Many photographers think that because they like dogs or have dogs, they have all of the knowledge they need to photograph dogs. But dog photography is much more than a good camera and a squeaky toy," says Margaret Bryant, M.Photog., who knows a thing or two about the subject.

Margaret has been photographing dogs and their people for over 13 years, and on August 23 she's going to share some of her tips to help you better serve your own clients: "How to Talk Dog: Incorporating Dogs into Family & Senior Photography" (August 23, 2:00pm ET).
"As a photographer, you want the knowledge to be able to handle the dog as more than just a prop in the photograph," she notes. "You want the knowledge to be able to handle the dog the same way you would work with any human family member

In other words, you want to talk dog.

To that end, Margaret advises photographers working with dogs to bring their patience--lots of it. "Much like working with babies and small children, you need to be able to understand what the dogs are saying to you and find a way to communicate back to them what you want," she explains. And all of this should be done in a calm environment (with lots of that patience we mentioned earlier).

Come learn how Margaret does this--along with her posing tips, tips on working with dogs inside the studio and on location, and so much more. After all, such knowledge and skill in handling different situations is part of what sets professionals apart from amateurs! 

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