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Free PPAedu Video: "Lighting and Posing Women" with Jen Hillenga, M.Photog.Cr. - PPA Today

Free PPAedu Video: "Lighting and Posing Women" with Jen Hillenga, M.Photog.Cr.

By Chris Homer

The portrait photographers out there would agree that there's a huge difference between posing
 and lighting women and men. Try to find a woman who genuinely never cringes before seeing herself in photos, and you understand your challenge as the photographer.

To help you out, in January PPAedu is offering for free to all photographers "Lighting and Posing Women"! In this class by Jen Hillenga, M.Photog.Cr, you'll see posing and lighting techniques that will ensure your female clients fall in love with their photos! Grab the video now, it's free on PPAedu through the end of January!

PPAedu is the online education platform for PPA photographers. There you'll find more than 300 videos on both photography technique and business practices to help you grow your studio, be more profitable and be more inspired!

You will also find a quick and easy self-assessment tool that allows you to build your own custom-fit learning program. And the best part of all is that as you take more and more PPAedu classes, you'll be able adjust that program so that it evolves with you as you continue to grow in photography!
Give it a try! This is a way for photographers to find videos on areas of photography where you could use a refresher course or learn something new. PPAedu comes as part of the PPA membership, so join today to access the 300+ video library. Try it now for free! Go ahead and dive in! It's your time to be more inspired.

ch_headshot_100x100.jpgAbout the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages. 

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