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Finding Your Voice as an Artist, and Learning Not to Compare Yourself - 2 New PhotoVision Videos! - PPA Today

Finding Your Voice as an Artist, and Learning Not to Compare Yourself - 2 New PhotoVision Videos!

By Bethany Clark

If you are a photographer, PhotoVision is a great way to elevate your skills by using the more than 500 video tutorials available from some of the top photographers in the business. Better yet, PhotoVision is included for FREE with your PPA membership! Head over to to begin streaming classes.

And if it's been a minute since you've checked in with PhotoVision, be sure to come back and watch these new videos! The new releases include Sue Bryce, who is contributing to PhotoVision's new 'Year of Inspiration' series.

In this video, Anne Geddes shares the thoughtful process that coincides with being creative. She explains that images should come from your heart, and the camera is simply the vehicle in which you capture it. She also shares how newborns became her inspiration and the story she hopes to tell by capturing images of them. Join us for Part 2 on August 7th!

In almost any career, it's common to compare yourself and your work to others. In this video, Sue Bryce shares her experience as a public figure and offers advice for facing criticism in a constructive manner. She offers steps for building an audience and reputation, while suggesting that the photographer's focus should be on the service provided rather than the validation received.

Visit today to access all of these classes! 

If you're not a PPA member, join today and watch all the PhotoVision and PPAedu photography tutorials, whenever you want, wherever you want! You could tap into more than 1,000 videos to take your photography to the next level! You have nothing to lose; try it today!


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