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Final PPA Webinars of 2008 - PPA Today

Final PPA Webinars of 2008


We are closing out the year with FOUR new webinars, including a FREE, member-only webinar on How to Avoid Digital Data Loss on November 17. Also in November we have Jed Taufer with Photoshop Stuff You Should Know By Now and Doug Box with First Quarter - Thrive or Just Survive, a look at kickstarting your business year. To close out the year, Scott Kurkian returns this December with Income Tax Strategies.

Jed Taufer

November 13, 2008
Photoshop Stuff You Should Know By Now

Jed Taufer, Cr.Photog.
12:00 - 1:00pm, EST
$49 Members / $249 Non-members
Register online now, or call 800-786-6277.

Jed will cover several basic to intermediate Photoshop techniques showcasing the software's creative and productive abilities. Photoshop's an application that photographers need to know how to use don't miss this chance! This is a class for beginner and intermediate Photoshop users.

Chris Bross

November 17, 2008
How To Avoid Digital Data Loss
Chris Bross, Senior Enterprise Engineer for DriveSavers
4:00 pm - 5:00pm, EST
A FREE member-only webinar
Register online now.

It's not a question of "IF" your hard drive fails, it's a question of "WHEN." Are you prepared? Get info and advice from an expert in digital data recovery: Chris Bross. He will discuss: Why and how hard drives fail, Why backing up data is important, How to properly handle failed drives to avoid data loss, and What are proper backup procedures. Then, he will answer YOUR questions.

November 17, 2008
First Quarter - Thrive or Just Survive

Doug Box, M.Photog.Cr., API
12:00 pm - 1:00pm, EST
$49 Members / $249 Non-members
Register online now, or call 800-786-6277.

Get your year started off right! In this financial climate, you won't be able to count on just "Word of Mouth" to bring in business. Marketing, Sales, Promotion, and Merchandizing are the only skills that will save our businesses. We will go over a dozen ideas that will kick start the year and bring in business. Don't get behind--be proactive and take control of your business.

Scott Kurkian

December 8, 2008
Income Tax Strategies

Scott Kurkian, PPA's CFO
12:00 pm - 1:00pm, EST
$49 Members / $249 Non-members
Register online now, or call 800-786-6277.

Did you know that your business entity type can affect the amount of taxes you pay?

Do you know the income tax strategies that will lower your 2008 taxes?

Watch Studio Management Services' Income Tax Strategies Webinar to answer these questions and more. Come understand what affects you tax-wise, and learn more about retirement, home office deductions, and other crucial information for small businesses owners like you. Most importantly, you'll discover whether or not your accountant is doing what he/she should be doing for you--and know what to ask them to do.

Topics covered: Types of legal entities, How different entities are taxed, Advantages and disadvantages of each entity, Sec. 179 deduction, Salary vs. Distribution allocation, Year- End tax planning, and Retirement planning.

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