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Expand Your Social Media Knowledge With PPAedu

We've been talking a lot about social media lately with our "Be More...Social" blog series. So far, we've provided some social media tips for photographers on why you should get involved with social media (and the lingo you should know), the top six social platforms to consider using and how to develop a social media strategy. 

We hope these blog posts have gotten you pumped up to be involved with social media (or if you're already involved, we hope you got some great ideas), but if you're looking for even more social media advice, consider watching the PPAedu online course "Best Practices for Social Networking." 

In this course, instructor Lindsay Adler, who authored the book "Social Networking Essentials for Photographers," will share her 10 best ways to be efficient and effective with your social networking efforts. Topics she'll cover include Search Engine Optimization (for more SEO advice, watch the "Pitfalls of SEO" course with Brett Snyder, Director of SEO at Nebo) and how to become a resource for your target audience. 

So what's PPAedu? It's the latest member benefit from PPA - a personalized, online education platform with over 150 HD videos available 24/7 and more being added every month! If you're a PPA member the video of the class is available to watch at your convenience 24/7... at no extra cost. For those who aren't PPA members, you can always subscribe to PPAedu and enjoy this big educational buffet. 

On the PPAedu dashboard, once you answer a series of questions that focus on your business, you'll get your personalized recommendations for courses in four technical and four business categories of online courses. You'll then be able to watch any of these courses, tutorials, classes, coaching sessions, etc. on-demand for free, as long as your PPA membership or PPAedu subscription is valid.

If you're still wondering if this is the right educational platform for you, check out how some PPAedu users feel about it:

"I am so excited about the educational videos being a part of our membership. I have purchased them in the past and they were getting costly to keep up. I really feel this value added benefit will make me a stronger photographer!" - Angela Singleton 

"It only took watching one video to get me hooked! I got a lot of what I have been wanting to learn. Very excited!" - Andrea Taylor, CPP

"The whole PPAedu experience is a lot of fun. It is hard to believe this is included as a member benefit. Wow!" - Stewart Powers, M.Photog.Cr., API

"I took the PPAedu self-assessment and I have to tell you that this is a fantastic idea. Thank you PPA and PPAedu instructors for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. If you haven't seen this yet I highly suggest you take a look." - Paul Robinson

Ready to get started with PPAedu? Join PPA or subscribe to PPAedu to take the self-assessment now and access the courses. 

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