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Earn Merits with PPA Webinars

You can now earn merits for paid Webinars (1 merit for each Webinar credit), based on the following criteria:

*Attendees (service merits):
  • Paid Webinar of less than a 3-hour duration - ½ Credit
    (For example, if you register for 2 paid Webinars that are less than 3 hours, you will earn 2 half credits, which equal 1 merit.)
  • Paid Webinar of 3 hours or more - 1 Credit
**Presenters (speaking merits):
  • Webinar of less than 3 hours - 1 Merit
  • Webinar that is 3 hours or more - 2 Merits
Merits will be awarded for those eligible Webinars from January 12, 2009 on.

*Service merits are awarded only for first-time attendance to each Webinar (either live or archived). Multiple views of the same Webinar will not result in multiple merits.
**Speaking merits are awarded only for live or first-time presentation of each Webinar.

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