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4 Ways to Sell Clients on Engagement Photography

etienne_elizabeth_blog.jpgDo you know how to enchant your engagement portrait clients? It starts off the same as with every other type of client (defining the target, marketing the session, and selling it), and you can grab some proven techniques from Elizabeth Etienne, the author of "The Art of Engagement Photography" and "Profitable Wedding Photography." Etienne presented an online class for PPA today ("Enchant Your Clients: Sales & Marketing for Engagement Clients"), and you can watch the archive with PPA's  Online Learning Pass!
In fact, Etienne also shared a few of her tips for selling couples on the need for that engagement session:

Let your images do the talking for you--"Most people feel an engagement session is an unnecessary, unneeded, added frill...until they see my images," adds Etienne. If online, she directs them to the engagement section. If meeting in person, she has an enormous gallery display of engagement images in their viewpoint, and she will also hand one a wedding portfolio book and the other her engagement book. Her images are enchanting, enticing...and they start to build the desire.

"I feel at this point, I am slowly reeling them in," Etienne says.  "I've introduced them to something they weren't even considering--sort of like the waitress bringing the dessert tray over when you swore you wouldn't eat dessert."

Point out reasons the clients might want an engagement session--One of Etienne's favorite points is that her engagement images have dozens of useful applications (save-the-date cards, invitations, wedding website décor, fine art gallery home décor, or creative wedding gifts for bridal party, family or guests). Another point that works well with some brides is reminding them that an engagement session lets them relax, get romantic, have some fun and escape the stress of wedding planning for an afternoon!

Offer different engagement packages at different prices--Having two to three packages with creative titles will give more options to those couples on varied budgets.

Include the engagement session as part of an all-inclusive package
--Price the engagement session higher a la carte than if it were to be included in a wedding package. That gives the buyer an incentive to book the all-inclusive package.

Want to learn more about how Elizabeth Etienne successfully markets and sells this photographic specialty? Just watch the archive of her online class!

If you want to learn even more from Etienne, check out her book, "The Art of Engagement Photography." It includes over 200 images with detailed information on how she created those images (choosing the right themes, location, props, etc.), lighting, posing, directing and retouching as well as residual income.

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