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2 Studios Are Getting a Full Business Makeover This Year! - PPA Today

2 Studios Are Getting a Full Business Makeover This Year!

What's This About?

This year PPA is working with two lucky studios in all areas of their business, to give them a total "makeover". Every facet of their businesses will be scrutinized to help them be more profitable. The makeover will touch on and improve their business model, branding, pricing, marketing, sales strategy, workflow efficiency and overall profitability--all based on the tools, information and resources set by PPA's Benchmark!

Follow these two studios' progress, challenges and changes. Updates will be posted right here on the blog and you will be able to watch monthly webinar updates to track this year-long process. It's a series worth paying attention to, as there will be strategies and business tactics you can apply to your business too.

"PPA is providing these makeovers to provide photographers with real-life accounts of how to be more profitable and to give studio owners actual takeaways they can use in their own businesses," said Angela Kurkian, PPA director of education. "It's an all-encompassing approach looking at sales, marketing, workflow and finances to see if the participants are set up to realistically reach their financial goals. PPA's team of mentors will work with them individually on a monthly basis to help them reach their goals."

The team of mentors Angela refers to is an accomplished group of active, financially well-established photographers who will coach the participants as they face the challenges ahead. The team includes 7 mentors:

Sales - Kristin Privette 

Design - Ashley Brooke Chambers 

Operations - Gregory Daniel, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP

Workflow - Dave Doeppel

Accounting - Bridget Jackson, CPA

Professional coordinator- Angela Kurkian, M.Photog.Cr.

Now let's take a look at the two studios that will be transformed this year:


Wesbc.jpgWes Roberts is a wedding photographer from Smith Stations, AL. Like many, Wes started his photography journey as a part-timer but has now been in business full-time for five years. This year, he is adding a new product line to his mix: seniors. In 2014, 95% of his income came from weddings. In 2015, he wants to transition to 64% weddings and 30% seniors and the remaining 6% for personal and miscellaneous projects. 

The studio makeover will oversee all aspects of Wes's transition. He is also looking forward to working with PPA mentors to create a detailed marketing plan that will get him strategic partnerships to expand his presence in the wedding market and create his niche within the senior market. He also wants to improve his workflow and implement some automation in order to be able to spend more time with his family and eventually become the sole bread-winner. Wes's long-term vision is to run a sustainable and profitable business that he will be proud to pass down to his children.


__1fav_MG_0558_web.jpgThe second studio makeover recipient is Krista Newbill from Murfreesboro, TN. She photographs weddings, family/child portraits and has some commercial clients as well. She's ready to shift her sales game from image files only to a product-based price list. Krista's ultimate goal is to increase session prices, develop product sales and boost her overall net profit... while working less! PPA mentors will help her get there.

Krista has been in business for 11 years (9 full-time and 2 part-time) and for the past seven, has already been working to consistently increase her rates. With the help of PPA's mentors, she's looking to improve her sales strategy and streamline her turnaround times. Her goals also include increasing the (perceived and real) value of her photography services. These changes will most likely imply a redesign of her website, new marketing pieces and an overall branding/image makeover.

These two photographers are just starting their Studio Makeover journey as a means to Be More Profitable. Follow their challenges, fears, frustrations, little victories and giant steps each month! You will find input from one of their PPA mentors on their overall progress and see how these changes affect these two photographers' lives. And because Wes and Krista's businesses will have undergone significant changes by the end of the year, we'll be presenting the full makeover recap at Imaging USA in Atlanta (January 10-12, 2016). There you will see their full before-and-after stories and the overall culmination of how all their hard work helped them Be More.

We'll post the updates here on the blog each month, but you can also sign up here if you want to receive the updates directly into your inbox each month! Until next time, be well, do good work and... Be More.

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