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New Military Drone Airspace Restrictions Go into Effect today! - PPA Today

New Military Drone Airspace Restrictions Go into Effect today!

By Sidra Safri

The FAA recently introduced new restrictions over approximately 133 military facilities that go into effect today, April 14th, 2017.  These new restrictions limit drones from flying over the designated facilities to help ensure the military is able to protect sensitive information for national security purposes. 

A major component of the new provisions is to prevent drones from flying up to 400 feet within the lateral borders of the facility. Drones already were not able to fly over military facilities, but they are also now limited to how close they can come to the perimeter of these facilities. There are a few exceptions to these new restrictions, but those exceptions must be discussed directly with the facility in question. 

Violation of the new Drone Airspace restrictions can lead to civil penalties, and criminal charges. To determine which facilities fall under the new restriction visit the Notice to Airman Website here

As always stay tuned for more updates!

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