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Drone Waiver Series Part Six: The One You Are Least Likely to Get! - PPA Today

Drone Waiver Series Part Six: The One You Are Least Likely to Get!

By Sidra Safri
As you know, this series on Drone Waivers is meant to provide you with the best information to make sure your waivers get approved.  At the same time, PPA likes to be honest. With that in mind: It is very unlikely you will get a section 107.37a waiver approved.

A section 107.37a waiver is the ability not to yield to other aircraft. Since the regulations went into effect close to one year ago, no Section 107.37a waivers have been approved. The lack of approval makes sense.  A drone under section 107 cannot weigh more than 55 pounds, and must yield to things that are significantly bigger and more powerful than it is, such as private places, commercials, etc. 

If and when a Section 107.37a waiver is approved, PPA will let you know and provide information on how you can get approval.
As always, before you fly, make sure your drone is registered and you are checking the B4U fly app!


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